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The Great Lakes Comic-Con, or GLCC, is a comic, toy, and collectible event that runs annually in the Metro-Detroit Area (Michigan). The goals of GLCC are to provide a venue for collectors and dealers to get together, buy/sell some of their favorite collectibles, and support children’s literacy, as well as other child-related charities.

For The Great Lakes Comic-Con, we will be supporting Reading is Fundamental ( Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) is the largest children’s literacy nonprofit organization in the United States. The goal is a literate America in which all children have access to books and discover the joys and value of reading.

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We get asked this question often enough that we’ll take some time (and space) here to try to clarify a few things.  Our event started out as the Great Lakes Comic Expo.  It was just a typical comic book show with dealers, tables, and people attending trying to find that rare treasure to complete their collection.  There were no guests… no cosplay… no panels… and, for some of you reading this, you may even compare it to life before fire was discovered! But, it worked well for us as we were starting out.

However, as our show grew, we began to make some changes.  We added door prizes to the mix, an Early Bird prize, and ultimately a Grand Prize that we would make sure would elevate the status of our event.  We started to add guests – local industry professionals (all of whom are still with the GLCC today), and later, national professionals with the goal of creating a regional event.

Notice here that we began to refer to the Great Lakes shows as “events”.  We decided along the way that a “show” was where someone goes to watch something… an “EVENT” is where a person goes to EXPERIENCE something! So, this is not a comic “show”… it’s a comic “event”!  Thus began the Great Lakes “events” with our first Great Lakes Comic-“Con” in February of 2014 with Chris Claremont attending as the Guest of Honor.   We followed up with Jim Steranko in attendance in October of 2014, and have added other nationally known (and renown) names in the comic book industry ever since!

We also decided not to lose sight of where, how, and why our events began.

Now, we offer four events each calendar year:

The Great Lakes Comic Expo – a smaller version of the Great Lakes Events scheduled each year in July, September, and December;  and The Great Lakes Comic-Con, that occurs every February, which is our yearly celebration and recognition about everything that people love about comic books and toys!

So… “comic expo” or “comic-con”?  We’re actually both!  And, we hope that you’ll continue to support and attend our events because as we’ve said before… we couldn’t do it without you!

-The Great Lakes Comic-Con (and Comic Expo)


The Great Lakes Comic-Con originally started in 2010 with the idea of creating a comic/toy event presence in Southeastern Michigan (primarily in Macomb County) where collectors and dealers could get together and buy/sell some of their favorite collectibles.  We felt strongly that people would have a positive response to our event.

Our first comic book, toy, and collectible show made its debut on Saturday, July 18, 2010 at a VFW hall in Roseville, Michigan.   There were 24 dealers in the room and we had a whopping 63 people attend.   However, we weren’t dissuaded with the outcome.  We were surprised that we had 63 people show up!  So, yes!  We saw there was some interest in what we were trying to do. We decided to keep trying, and worked to improve our business plan and our model for these events.

Welcome to 2017.   Our event has grown larger each year, and has doubled in size (in square footage and attendance) since 2013.  In February 2016, we had over 5,000 people in attendance at the Great Lakes Comic-Con!  We’re hoping to continue that growth in 2017.  We could not have done this without you… and by that, we mean all of you – the attendees, exhibitors, artists, staff, volunteers, sponsors, guests, along with our family and friends, who have supported us over the years.  The success of the GLCC is because of you!  We are grateful and humbled by your continued support!


Mike and Amy DeSantis
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A donation to RIF makes a powerful statement to the world that you believe in empowering children and communities with books; that you want to help the country’s most vulnerable children by introducing them to new places and people through books; and that you want to help parents, teachers, and volunteers transform children into readers and book lovers.

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